Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Last day in Bryant Denny.

Ahh gameday. This past Saturday I went into a momentary lapse of depression at the thought of the first home game of the season.  I became envious of my little brother and all my friends reuniting in Tuscaloosa.  My babies starting their senior year... I liked every picture on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and any other thing I could find.  I lived vicariously through all of you.  I read every article I could find highlighting what to expect... and then I started looking through my pictures....  

I began to feel like I was there and was immediately filled with happy happy thoughts... I could smell whiskey on everyone's breath filling the student section as we started chanting "Roll Tide" and singing "Yea Alabama", I began humming "Dixie Land Delight" without even noticing, I could taste the sweet flavor of a Denny dog during the 3rd quarter, I could feel the breeze of the shakers going crazy and the remnants of coke misting my face, I became energized and so excited for the game I wasn't even going to watch, haha.  Then I took a deep breath and went on with my day. When I got in bed that night, I watched the highlights and read more articles, liked more photos, felt overwhelmed with jealousy!!! I was so lucky to be a part of the festivities in New Orleans last year, but nothing beats Gameday at Bryant Denny.  

These photos are from my last day to enter that beautiful stadium... The day ended tragically as we lost to Auburn in the second half after dominating the first.  When the game came to a close, I didn't just cry, I wept. I was one of those people everyone laughs at on the Jumbotron for ugly-crying over a football game. I was unconsolable...we were so close, but at the end of the day it wasn't our year.  Part of me cried because we lost to Auburn, of course, but I went to Pasadena the year before and I had a lot of friends graduating from Auburn that year so I was happy for them to experience the same feelings (even if that meant Auburn won the National Championship.....) but the main reason I sobbed was because I knew my time in the stadium was taking a year long break... little did I know one year would become two... and my favorite part of being a student at Alabama was officially over.  I can't wait to experience the game as an alumni when you can't take any second for granted because you don't walk past the stadium everyday or go to Gallettes every night...and most of all it is a reunion with all of your friends.  :)

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